1. Arkansas Facility
  2. Michigan Facility

3D Imaging has formed a strategic alliance with MPI Research and InviCRO, constructing a new cyclotron, radiopharmaceutical development and manufacturing facility opening in Spring 2014 in Mattawan, MI contiguous with the extensive vivarium facilities of MPI Research, a world leader in toxicology, animal models, and bioanalytics applied to drug development. With the addition of InviCRO's advanced capabilities in imaging and image data analysis, the combined strengths of these three companies gives you access to the world's most comprehensive commercial facility for preclinical and translational drug development research.

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"Together with our partners, MPI Research and InviCRO, we are creating a total translational imaging tool" said Marc Berridge, Ph.D., President and Founder of 3D Imaging. "It will take drug development to the next level by providing biotech and pharmaceutical companies with key information that has never before been available."

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