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Nationwide and international shipping of:

  • [I-124] and [Zr-89] labeled biologicals: A variety of attachment chemistry is available for each nuclide, some of them are unique to 3D Imaging
  • Biologicals labeled for SPECT (In-111, I-125, I-123, Tc-99m)

In-house use of [F-18] labeled biologicals, via several attachment chemistries.

3D Imaging will accept your samples of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, nucleic acids, dendrimers, nanoparticles etc. and radiolabel them with a nuclide for PET or SPECT that is appropriate for your study.

We will return samples radiolabeled, or equivalently reacted with stable isotopes of the radionuclide chosen ("Cold-labeled") to you for biological activity testing.

We will perform bioactivity assays on the radiolabeled samples in-house.

We will perform stability testing on the radiolabeled products.

We will ship those products to your imaging facility or contractor, or do the imaging on our sites.

Our manufacturing repertoire began with nationwide and international shipping of:

But it continues with custom GMP manufacturing of your own products for distribution for multisite clinical trials and clinical distribution after approval of your NDA.

3D Imaging currently has three ANDA applications under favorable consideration at FDA and eight drug master files (DMF) that have been the basis for approved IND applications. We have over twenty previous IND-approved radiopharmaceuticals in our history.