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Nationwide and international shipping of:

For use on our sites:

  • C-11 labeled tracers
  • F-18 labeled compounds

3D Imaging produces C-11, N-13, F-18 I-124 and Zr-89 on the cyclotrons in our facilities. While the distribution range of C-11, N-13, and F-18 is limited by half-life, we ship our I-124 and Zr-89, with half-lives of 4.2 and 3.2 days, nationwide and internationally.

Iodine and zirconium are supplied in a form ready for radiolabeling. 3D Imaging will work with you to provide the form that works best for you. We also take pride in working with our customers to help them optimize their processes for best results.

Materials are shipped prepaid, with prepaid return, in DOT Type A containers, Yellow II and Yellow III after establishment of a supply agreement and the user's radioactive materials license.

I-124 and Zr-89 are produced on a cyclotron target of our own design to produce high quality radionuclides for radiolabeling use. We continue to improve the production process to increase quality, reactivity, and specific activity of these products. The radionuclidic quality is consistently reported by our users as being high, with high purity and superior reactivity and radiolabeling yields.