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  5. Translational Imaging

With our collaborative partners at UAMS and MPI we offer a total translational research package. Developmental research starts with initial biodistribution and functional evaluations. It proceeds through species to first-in-man studies. For first-in-man we offer microdose studies and regulatory support for their successful IND submissions. We offer functional evaluation in humans using functional tracers, or biodistribution and targeting using labeled drug, as we do for preclinical studies. We offer population selection and screening based on functional measures. With the collaboration of research faculty at UAMS a wide patient population is available in an academic medicine setting. We also offer commercial CRO involvement through collaborators in Arkansas. Through our facility at MPI, commercial clinical collaborations and academic collaborations in Michigan are under development to provide a translational solution at our northern location.

For clinical trials we offer:

  • Multi-site capability to carry out clinical trials
  • Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical trials including PET and SPECT tracers for PK, PD, and functional screening.
  • Manufacturing of proposed clinical radiopharmaceuticals radiolabeled with I-125, I-131, In-111, I-124, Zr-89 for your multi-site clinical trials of these agents.
  • Post-trial contract manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical use.