Zirconium-89 Labeled Tracers
About Imaging with I-124 and Zr-89

Zirconium-89 is a relatively recent addition to the PET imaging repertoire. It is an excellent option for radiolabeling of biologicals and nanoparticles. In comparison to Cu-64 its 3.2 day half-life is much more convenient for shipping, radiolabeling, and imaging use, while the positron yield is higher. It chelates easily and tightly using the desferrioxamine ligand, which can be attached to the target molecule by a variety of chemistries. It does have some higher energy (1 MeV) gammas that cause its radiation to be more penetrating than other positron emitters.

3D Imaging provides Zr-89 oxalate and sulfate for radiolabeling and also custom-labels molecules for imaging use at our imaging sites or shipped nationwide or internationally for use at other sites.

Name Use
Zirconium as oxalate or sulfate for radiolabeling
Proteins Chelated to proteins with Desferrioxamine chelator, different chemistries
Zr DTPA Urinary clearance (see Gd DTPA)
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