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In 2001 a small group left the PET/Cyclotron facilities at Case Western Reserve University and built a new cyclotron facility in the suburbs of Cleveland that housed two companies. CycloTech was dedicated to the production and distribution, in full regulatory compliance, of F-18 fluoroglucose to the nascent PET scanning industry in a 5-state area. 3D Imaging was dedicated to pushing the frontiers of radiopharmaceutical chemistry and imaging technology to label and investigate new drugs and imaging probes for drug development research.

3DI Cleveland

After five years of growth, in 2006 CycloTech and the cyclotron were sold. 3D Imaging closed its doors while key staff reformed as a new company with a brand-new facility and cyclotron as 3D Imaging Drug Design and Development in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2007. The company was dedicated to research, doing no routine clinical tracers at all. At inception we provided C-11 and F-18 custom tracers to our academic and Government clients and performed sponsored custom radiolabeling and imaging studies for drug development. We developed a proprietary solid target system and added production and sales of I-124 and Zr-89 for labeling. We also use them to produce custom-labeled radiopharmaceuticals and for contract manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals for FDA-approved uses.

In 2013 3D Imaging expanded with the formation of a strategic alliance with MPI Research and InviCRO to install and operate a second cyclotron and cGMP manufacturing facility on the Mattawan, MI campus of MPI Research to take advantage of the combined strengths of these three companies for the benefit of preclinical and translational drug development research.

In 2018 3D Imaging moved to a new building and association with Arkansas' CARTI CARTI with additional space and functionality devoted to GMP manufacturing.

The goals of 3D Imaging remain as always: to bring our exceptional experience and innovative abilities to bear on the development of new radiopharmaceuticals and new techniques devoted to drug development and the advancement of health care.

3D Imaging continues to grow and looks forward to an exciting and productive future.

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